Monday, 5 October 2009

Magic reindeer food: These are so cute. I have kind of up graded from last year, as I made the food from oats and glitter, but felt really bad for the birds, as glitter isn't meant ot be too good for them. So this year I have tried something new, an idea from another forum, to mix sugar with food colouring, only a small bit though, wait till it dries then mix with oats. I have used red and green food colouring and it still seems to have a bit of a shimmer to it.
I have used money envelopes, with a red circle for the nose, wiggle eyes, 2 gold handprints(saved from last year, from youngest son), on the back is the poem as what you have to do with the food.
I usually tend to get the kids to spinkle on the doorstep, so after they are well asleep on christmas eve, I just pop out and sweep it up, so they think rudolf has eaten it. It has worked so far.

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