Saturday, 21 November 2009

Christmas craft fairs I'm attending

Today 21 November, I will be at Tatenhill village hall 2-4pm
Saturday 28 November Alvaston village hall, Derby 10-3pm
Sunday 6 November - Rangemore victorian market 12pm onwards.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

1st craft fair 2009

This is the first craft fair of 2009 for me, it didn't go too bad, but hopefully the next few go better.

My latest creation

I made this for a friends littles girls birthday, which went down a strom. I would probably charge between £15-£20 for one like this depending on what went in. I also can make nappy cakes too, but sadly can't find the picture for this. I made 2 last year for a friend who had twins.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Price list

I thought I better put up some prices in case anyone might want to order from me.

Snowman soup/ fairy soup £2.00
Candy canes £0.50
Pint of socks £3.00
Yule Logs £2.00
Reindeer £1.50
Large bouquet £4.50
small bouquet £2.00
Sweet boxes £3.50
Xmas sweet bags £0.50
Pots of gold £2.00
Reindeer food £0.50
Handbags £0.75
Reindeer poo £1.00

If you want to order anything, just drop me an email and we can sort out the details.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pint of socks

This is one for the men. A pint of socks, 2 pairs of black socks and 1 pair of white, put them into a pint glass and wrap.

Snowman soup

I finally got round to making the snowman soup, so here it is for you all too see.
It is made from 2 cello cones, first cone contains hot chocolate, enough for 2 portions, that is then sealed and put inthe second cone. Topped with a layer of chocolate chips and marshmallows, tied together and a candy cane on the outside.