Saturday, 21 November 2009

Christmas craft fairs I'm attending

Today 21 November, I will be at Tatenhill village hall 2-4pm
Saturday 28 November Alvaston village hall, Derby 10-3pm
Sunday 6 November - Rangemore victorian market 12pm onwards.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

1st craft fair 2009

This is the first craft fair of 2009 for me, it didn't go too bad, but hopefully the next few go better.

My latest creation

I made this for a friends littles girls birthday, which went down a strom. I would probably charge between £15-£20 for one like this depending on what went in. I also can make nappy cakes too, but sadly can't find the picture for this. I made 2 last year for a friend who had twins.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Price list

I thought I better put up some prices in case anyone might want to order from me.

Snowman soup/ fairy soup £2.00
Candy canes £0.50
Pint of socks £3.00
Yule Logs £2.00
Reindeer £1.50
Large bouquet £4.50
small bouquet £2.00
Sweet boxes £3.50
Xmas sweet bags £0.50
Pots of gold £2.00
Reindeer food £0.50
Handbags £0.75
Reindeer poo £1.00

If you want to order anything, just drop me an email and we can sort out the details.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pint of socks

This is one for the men. A pint of socks, 2 pairs of black socks and 1 pair of white, put them into a pint glass and wrap.

Snowman soup

I finally got round to making the snowman soup, so here it is for you all too see.
It is made from 2 cello cones, first cone contains hot chocolate, enough for 2 portions, that is then sealed and put inthe second cone. Topped with a layer of chocolate chips and marshmallows, tied together and a candy cane on the outside.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Been poorly!

I have got the lurgy at the mo, but so need to get somethings done.

I managed to laminate the snowman soup tags today, not much I know, but every little bit helps I guess.

I also had my parents staying with me at the weekend, so everything had to be put away again.

I have my first craft fair booked on the 6 november I better get my skates on, so glad its half term next week, fingers crossed that I get most of it done.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Similar to the Halloween ones, quite fun making them, I shall have to see what other chocolates are out there, our local co-op is quite limited.

I saw these little sweets in one of the pund shops I was in, and thought I would make them up to see what they looked like.
I have to say I'm quite impressed by how they have turned out. I think my OH thinks I have gone a bit loopy, but then he never has been a big fan of Halloween.
I'm not sure how many to make, I have made 10 so far, but we live at the end of quite a large housing estate, and therefore don't get many kids round.

I got these little bag ideas from a forum I got on, and thought they were quite cute, plus I also found similar ones for sale in the lakeland ltd catalogue, I was quite shocked at the price of them, 6 for £9.99.

These are so easy to make, and plus I must thank my son for the little gem on the front, hope he won't mind if use more!


I have finally wrapped up the sweet bouquet, which I made last week. Lots of sticky tape was used, for some reason it just didn't didn't want to stick, but I'm quite chuffed with the finished look. I have also made a small one using cadburys heros ( I must make more or I will probably eat all the sweets).



Sorry for the way the photos have been up loaded, still trying to figure the website out, getting there slowly.

I have another 5 Large bouquets to make and 5 small ones to do.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

I haven't seen to have done too much over the last few days, although I have made some more reindeer food.
I have been trying out a few new ideas, I think this one, my friends might think I have gone completey loopy. I have used an old baby food Jar and hoping to turn it into a snowman, although could only find a large pink pom pom, not the sort I need for a white snowmans head. Maybe a polystern head would be better.
I ran an idea past my ww leader, for a light snowman soup that I might be able to sell at the ww meeting, she seemed quite interested as she remembers me from last year.
I have also now got in the mini twix's so I can crack on with the pots of gold.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Fairy soup

This is a kind of remake of snowman soup, I think I will have to tweek it a bit more, and also get a better pic.
The fairy soup is made from pink milkshake powder, white chocolate drops and pink marshmallows, with a wand taped to the side.

Gingerbread man decoration

My gingerbread man was a bit of an experiment.
I bought some brown felt at the weekend and found a gingerbread man cutter in the cupboard and just traced round him. I used embrodiery thread for the buttons, eyes, nose and mouth. I decided to put a little muslin pouch of ginger powder inside him, then sewed him up, and also put a bit stuffing in him too.
A bit of a cheeky chappy!

Magic reindeer food: These are so cute. I have kind of up graded from last year, as I made the food from oats and glitter, but felt really bad for the birds, as glitter isn't meant ot be too good for them. So this year I have tried something new, an idea from another forum, to mix sugar with food colouring, only a small bit though, wait till it dries then mix with oats. I have used red and green food colouring and it still seems to have a bit of a shimmer to it.
I have used money envelopes, with a red circle for the nose, wiggle eyes, 2 gold handprints(saved from last year, from youngest son), on the back is the poem as what you have to do with the food.
I usually tend to get the kids to spinkle on the doorstep, so after they are well asleep on christmas eve, I just pop out and sweep it up, so they think rudolf has eaten it. It has worked so far.
This is a bit hard to see what it is, I will try and post a better pic soon.
This is my version of a pot of gold. Its made from a plastic gold cup, 1 gold cracker, 2 ferro rochers,2 gold qualtiy streets, some chocolate coins, and some werthers original, all wrapped up in gold spiral cello with gold ribbon.
They sold quite well last year, fingers crossed for this year.

I can't believe how easy these bags were to make. The christmas material was bought at a quilting show in birmingham. Such a great day and I bought far too much material, but sooooo much to choose from.
I have added a fluffy trim to make it a bit more special. I will probably added some sweets or maybe a pencil and pad to fill the bag out.
The pink fairy material is simply lush, it has a bit of sparkle to it to.

Flannel reindeers

This is my cute little herd of reindeers, although there should be more joining soon. Made from one flannel, a bar of soap, pom pom, goggly eyes, ribbon,a bell and 2 pipe cleaners.

Girly tool box

The box I got from Poundland, ( which will make my friend Kath very happy), and guess what, it actually cost £1. I have tried to filled it with with girly pink sweets, and also a ring and a butterfly clip. I will finish it off with wrapping it in cello and big pink bow and ribbon.

Yule Logs

I made these last year, and they went down a storm.
They are so easy to make and look very effective.

My first blog!

After looking for quite a while at other peoples blogs, i thought I would give it a go and see what happens.

I want to post pictures of the things I make, so at least i can look back on it on the years to come and see all the things I have made.

I'm really getting back into all my crafting things again, just wish I had space to leave it all out, must get round to clearing out the study space, at the moment its just uesed as a dumping ground and could be used for much more.

So watch this space.